Singu Chuli Peak Climbing

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Singu Chuli Peak Climbing

Singu Chuli Peak Climbing [ NEPAL > Peak Climbing ] Duration :10 Days - Type Of: Adventurous
 2 - Popularity:Star Rating 2 out of 5Star Rating 2 out of 5   - Height: 6,558 Mt.

Sightseeing Package 02 covers major attracting cities of Nepal. The tour covers Nagarkot, Pokhara, Lumbini- birth place of Buddha and Kathmandu.

These places have their own uniqueness and own culture. Among them, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur collectively called Kathmandu is considered as the city of Temples - you can enjoy the ancient history of the temples and their architecture.

Nagarkot is a hill station near kathmandu. you can enjoy the peaceful environment and hopitality of the people.

Pokhara is another beautiful cities covered with natural elements such as lakes, mountains all around.


  Day to Day Itinerary  

Day to Day Itinerary  

Day 01: Arrival to Kathmandu. Upon arrival, our staff will come to pick you up at Tribhuvan International airport and then they will transfer you to the hotel as per your booking.

Day 02: We rise early and join pilgrims from across the Himalaya to visit Swayambhu (the Monkey temple) , the best known of all the valley’s shrines. The golden spire of Swayambhunath stupa crowns a wooded hillock, which has been a holy site since ancient times. Historical records of its existence date back to the 5th century but the stupa’s origins may go back even further. Swayambhu is one of the most recognizable religious symbols in Nepal, revered by hindus and Buddhists alike. The central stupa offers a magnificent backdrop for photographing the morning devotional rituals, and also provides a sweeping view down to Kathmandu city below, which will just be waking up and starting the new day. Return to the hotel for breakfast.

Later in the morning, we visit Kathmandu Durbar Square, one of three durbars (royal palaces) in the Kathmandu Valley. It was initially constructed in the 16th century, although subsequent additions were made in the Shah (gurkha) dynasty in the 18th century and by the rana rulers in the 19th century. The palace is decorated with elaborately carved windows and panels, and it houses the King Tribhuvan Memorial Museum, dedicated to the monarch who opened Nepal to the outside world.

After lunch, we visit Pashupati (Pashupatinath) , the valley’s most important hindu temple. Pilgrims from across the Indian subcontinent, Nepal, Pakistan, and Central asia come to Pashupati to pay their respects to the Lord Shiva, one of the most prominent and beloved hindu gods. This fascinating temple complex straddles the holy Bagmati River and features a pagoda-style temple with a golden roof, silver doors and fine inset wood carvings. The lingam — phallic symbol of Shiva — is present everywhere in the art and architecture of Pashupati. The jungle that surrounds the temples is inhabited by rhesus monkeys and songbirds. Many Sadhus (holy men and ascetics) who have devoted their lives to Shiva have made the Pashupati area their home. They paint their bodies with ashes, wear loincloths, and are adorned by tika and rudraksha malla (beads).

We then visit Boudhanath Stupa, Nepal’s principal religious shrine for Tibetan Buddhists. This enormous stupa lies at the center of a thriving community of monasteries, monks and devotees. Its enormous white dome is adorned with countless strands of colorful prayer flags and topped by the all-knowing eyes of the Buddha.

Patan is the third of the Kathmandu Valley’s ancient royal cities. Patan’s Durbar Square is yet another UNESCO World heritage Site, noted for its architectural wonders and ornate artistry. The award-winning Patan Museum provides a fascinating lesson in Nepalese history, religion and culture, all set in a beautifully restored wood-beamed building. Lunch will be in the museum’s garden restaurant. After lunch we will roam the back streets of Patan, visiting the traditional Newari wood-working, coppersmith, and sculpture casting workshops. And then return to the Kathmandu and overnight stay at hotel as per your bookings.

Day 03:  From the early morning we visit to Bhaktapur city which is full of the UNESCO World Heritages. In the Sanskrit language, Bhaktapur means “the town of Devotees”. This medieval city is also known as Bhadgaon, and is an ancient town of the Newari people, the original inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley. It was the capital of the great Malla Kingdom from the 12th to the 15th century, when many of the temples and palaces that we’ll see were constructed. Bhaktapur is well known for its traditional architecture, pottery and weaving. We’ll walk the back alleys and cobblestone streets, seeing artisans at work amidst impressive temples and sculptures. After dinner we enjoy a peaceful walk around Nyatapola and Dattatraya temples. Over 100 feet high, Nyatapola is the tallest temple in the Kathmandu Valley. Built by King Bhupatindra Malla in 1708 A.D., each of its five terraces holds a pair of figures carved in stone: wrestlers, elephants, lions, griffins and goddesses.

Then we head towards the Nagarkot in a private car which is 45 Km. away towards the east of Kathmandu Valley. Nagarkot is one the hill station near to the Kathmandu Valley with the superb view of the Sunrise and Sunset. During the day, you can enjoy the peaceful environment of the Nagarkot in Farm house Lodge.

Day 04: After the early sunrise view and breakfast, we’ll begin our journey to Pokhara.

Day 05: Siteseeing around Pokhara Valley in the famous places like Sarangkot, Davis Fall, Mahendra Cave, Bat Cave, Bindabasini Temple, World Peace Stupa, Fewa Lake and Begnas Lake.

Day 06: Early wake up and Departure to Lumbini by Private Car and overnight at hotel as per your booking.

Day 07: Site seeing around the Lumbini. Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha. Lumbini had attained great height of civilization and prosperity. There are also evidences of many royal visits to this sacred place. One such royal visitor was Emperor Ashoka Maurya of India in 249 BC. To commemorate his visit, he erected a grand stone monolith which stands today nearby the Shrine of Maya Devi, Buddha’s mother. It contains a stone relief depicting Buddha’s nativity scene. In the area are also modern Buddhist shrines and an order lamaist gompa.

A little distance away is the ancient ruins of Tilaurakot where the Buddha as prince Sidhartha renounced the riches of his father’s kingdom in search for truth.

Day 08: Drive Back to Lumbini to Kathmandu and overnight at hotel as per your booking.

Day 09: Shopping during day time and in the evening dinner in a culture Restaurant and stay over night at same hotel.

Day 10: Departure to your country filled with the wonderful Memories of Nepal.


  Pricing Details  

Pricing Details   

US $ 375.00 net 2 star standard hotel basis
US $ 699.00 net 5 star standard hotel basis

For reservation or pricing details click here


Prices includes:

• All ground transportation with private vehicle as above mention places,
• Sight seeing with tour Guide as above mention places,
• Hotel Accommodation in three star standards in pokhara,
• Lumbini also three star standards on BB plane too.
• One of the best typical hotel in Nagarkot on full board plan,
• For guide all necessaries like: all meals, accommodation insurance, salary, medical expenses, field allowance etc),
• Airport transfer both way,
• Farewell Dinner with culture dance Restaurant on last night.

Above price doesn’t includes:

• All personal Expenses,
• Airfares,
• Donation,
• Insurances,
• Hotel in Kathmandu,
• Food in Pokhara, Kathmandu, Lumbini,
• Rescue charges

1. The group should be always minimum 4 Pax.
2. The above Hotel accommodation can be shifted to another but always in better standard
3. The entire necessaries entrance fee for clients should have to pay self on the spot.
4. Departure Schedule can be change on any unable circumstances such as weather hazards nature changes of walking track, landslides, Public strikes.
5. All the personal Expenses, Lunch, Dinner and bar bill is extra. 



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