Breath-taking (literally! ;) views and great hospitality during 12 days Manaslu circuit in April 2017


In April 2017, I was trekking with 3 friends, 4 porters and 1 Sherpa in the Himalaya, the Manaslu circuit, and it was a life-influencing experience in a very positive way.
First of all, I need to mention all the great people we met along the way: Raj, Founder and Managing Director of A1 Excursion who personally went the extra mile for and with us; Pasang, our knowledgeable and very caring Sherpa; our lovely, joyful and attentive porters; a wise Rinpoche and a peaceful Tibetan monk; an impressive Tibetan refugee who introduced us into the Tibetan culture, the Buddhism and the person H.H. the Dalai Lama; contented, heartily and hospitable local people; heart-warming Nepalese children; and other pleasant trekkers from different nations.
Our tour started in Kathmandu, a very lively and dusty city but with a lot of calm and peaceful spots to pause for a moment and to learn about the culture. 12 perfectly organised days of trekking on the Manaslu circuit followed, full of magnificent landscapes, breath-taking (literally! ;) views and great hospitality. The guide and the porters took care about our sensitivities, chose the best available accommodations and prepared us for the upcoming route (“Nepali flat – a little bit up, a little bit down” ;) so that we always felt to be in very good hands. The food on the trek was simple but of good quality and quantity.
Besides, this tour was a personal challenge because it was my first trek in the mountains at all, especially at those altitudes (up to 5.100 m) and with so many suspension bridges (about 30). I learned to listen to my body and overcome my fear of heights, which was a great personal achievement.
After the trek, we stayed two additional full days in Pokhara. We relaxed in an Ayurveda clinic and did an awe-inspiring full-day Tibetan Encounter Tour with a Tibetan refugee. Highly recommendable!
Himalaya, Nepal and A1 Excursion, we will see us again, that is for sure! :)