Fix Departure Festival Trek & Tours for 2019

If you are single person and willing to trek in Nepal with group, we arrange very suitable groups that match your interest. We have lots of individual like you who would like to join on group treks. So keeping in mind individual’s request for joining, we have developed, fixed departure dates for every trekking areas you like to do. So book single and enjoy group trek. Trekking with group is great fun, exchange culture make friends and learn more. It’s an opportunity to meet people from various countries who have similar interest or experiences and level of adventure/fitness. It is also helpful to socialize, exchange ideas and make friends.

Most of our fixed departure dates are fully booked before 3 to 4 months prior to the departure dates, and many new dates are re arrange looking at the interest of clients even in a short period of time. So as single traveler if your dates does not match with our designed fixed departure dates, you can always send us email with a request for the new dates.

A1 Excursion Adventure offers you the Fix Departure festival Trek & Tours in Nepal from 01 to 18 days with popular route map, Cost details and as well as Itineraries. We have as below Fix Departure festival Trek & Tour packages: Gosaikunda Trek Festival, Mani Rimdu Festival Trek, Tiji festival, Mustang, Saga-Dawa Mt. Kailash Festival, Holi festival apart from that  A1 Excursion Adventure always make a tailor-made trip for you.


  • Tiji festival, Mustang.

    Trip Duration 15 Days

    Mustang Muktinath Trek flows the trial of Mustang, an intriguing scorched region, lies beyond the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massif in…

  • Gosaikunda Trek Festival

    Trip Duration 6 Days

    Gosaikunda Lake, Nepal's one of most famous religious places for both Buddhism and Hinduism is situated at an altitude of about…

  • Mani Rimdu Festival Trek

    Trip Duration 15 Days

    Mani Rimdu Festival Trek name is derived from Mani Rimdu Festival. Mani Rimdu is the most vibrant Sherpa festival. Importantly,…

  • Holi festival in Nepal

    Trip Duration 1 Days

    Holi is a festival of colors. It is celebrated with great joy and happiness by all the Hindus. This is…

  • Saga-Dawa Mt. Kailash Festival.

    Trip Duration 18 Days

    "Conventional wisdom says a single circuit of Mt. Kailash wipes out the sins of a lifetime, 108 Parikramas guarantees enlightenment.…