Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari:

Chitwan Jungle Safari, Bardiya jungle Safari, koshi Tappu wildlife safari, Shukla phanta safari

It is the most popular WildLife Safari Park in Nepal. It is easily accessed. It is five hour drive from Kathmandu or Pokhara and regular air flights from Kathmandu and Pokhara. Please find the activities and itinerary.

Activities                                                 Attraction


Jungle walk:                         To see Sal forest and open grass land; Bird watch: to spot local and migratory birds in Nepal; to see wild animals.

Village walk:                         To see the village and life of Ethnic people 'Tharu'.

Elephant Center:                  Elephant Breeding Center with lots of domesticated elephants
Elephant ride:                       To see wild life: One horned Rhinoceros, different types of deer, wild boar, wild bison, monkeys, sloth bear, leopard, and Royal Bengal Tiger (if lucky)

Canoeing in River Rapti:       Traditional dug-out canoe: Riverside scenery; Aquatic birds; endangered crocodiles locally known as Gharials and Magars

Jeep drive                            A jeep drive through grasslands, riverside forests, and  Sal forests to Kasara.

Visit to Gharial Hatchery:     Farm Conservation of endangered Gangetic crocodiles known as Gharials or Mugars, eggs are hatched, brought up, and released into rivers.

Cultural program:                 A cultural program from Tharus in their traditional colourfull costumes. The variety includes famous stick dance and dance with guests.


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