Karnali Trekking

One of the best trekking destinations of Nepal is Karnali region. The snow covered mountains, the high alpine meadows, the rocky cliffs, the thick forests, the human habitation and the aquatic world in descending order, which all form an integral part of Karnali Region. This is Nepal one of the restricted area that lies in the Northwestern Mountains Region.

In comparison to other region of Nepal this is less developed and unexplored but with the best landscape and ultimate natural beauty. To see real Nepal you have to visit Karnali Region! Destination like Rara Lake, Shey Phoksundo lake, Humla, Jumla, Dolpa are popular destination among tourists. Trekking to Karnali region offer chance to explore the unique lifestyle and culture of inhabitants.

Our once-in-a-lifetime journey to Kailash begins in the fabled district of Humla, located in the remote far western corner of Nepal. From here we begin our five-day trek to the Tibetan border through the remote Humla, a place classed by many as the modern day Shangri-la. Here the inhabitants predominantly Bhotias, of Tibetan descent. This wild, remote trek takes us deep within a region of truly unspoiled natural beauty; here a diverse culture exists where people, nature and an abundance of rare wildlife exist in harmony. The path we will follow is of the ancient Silk trade route, where old men weathered, Central Asian face, still to this day trade supported by their of mule, horse and sheep. Here the men sit smoking a hookah and the women of Rajasthani descent adorn themselves in mirrors and silver coins, the Bhotias, in their turquoise, coral and amber necklaces.
In this swath of the Trans-Himalayan plateau, the mountain scenery is spectacular; the Saipal and Nalakankad range is never far away with its dominating presence over the nearby horizons. This is one of the few remaining places where the Tibetan culture stills exists in its pure form, a form untainted by the Chinese occupation which has otherwise affected much of Tibet.

The dry and high mountain valleys of the Dolpo are in the north of the Kanjiroba and the Dhaulagiri Himal. We differentiate between the Outer Dolpo south of the Phoksumdo Tsho – Tsho La – Pingring line and the Inner Dolpo north of it. In Nepal you might also find the names Lower and Upper Dolpo. While visiting this striking mountain scenery you might wonder if you are still on the planet earth. The landscape of the Dolpo region rather contrasts with the rest of Nepal. Even between the various valleys exist significant differences in terms of climate and vegetation. Dolpo makes a fabulous second or third adventure for the returning visitor to Nepal.

Dolpo ( is a high-altitude culturally Tibetan region in the upper part of the Dolpa District of western Nepal, bordered in the north by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Part of the region lies in Shey Phoksundo National Park. The sparse, agro-pastoral population, known as Dolpo in standard Tibetan and Dhol-wa in the local dialect, is connected to the rest of Nepal via Jufal airport, which can be reached in three days by horse. There are no precise population numbers for the region, with estimates including less than 5,000 and 18,000.

The Dolpo are generally adherents of Bon, a religion whose origins predate Buddhism but whose modern form is officially accepted as a fifth school of Tibetan Buddhism. The remote region has preserved its Tibetan culture in relatively pure form, making it attractive to Westerners. Dolpa was the location for the 1999 Oscar-nominated film Himalaya and more recently for the German documentary Dolpo Tulku.


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