Guerrilla Trekking

GUERRILLA TREK – A by-product of the Maoists insurgency from 1996 – 2006

The Guerrilla trek is a completely new trekking route. Actually, it is a by-product of a 10-year long Maoists insurgency in Nepal. In other words, the route was used by the Maoist guerillas in fighting against the govt. forces during the civil war.  

In curiosity, it clicked to the trekking entrepreneurs like us with an idea that why not we use one time deadly Maoists guerilla trail for the tourism purpose. The idea fascinated us and strongly motivated us to make a recce in this route. After the completion of the recce, our multi-media presentation of the trail turned out to be highly impressive to the concerned authorities and many trekking entrepreneurs. All of them unanimously declared that the trail is worth promoting. This is how, the new trail has been discovered for the trekkers. 

In fact, the region was the epicenter of people’s revolution (1996-2006) that claimed more than 16,000 lives. Thus, it could be an interesting tourism product that would attract researchers, historians, students and special interest tourists from around the world eventually enabling them to discover the people’s real story behind the revolution and their hardship. The Guerilla trail could offer many more possibilities for rural tourism development as well.

The Guerilla trek has now become a new tourist attraction in Nepal. The route begins from Beni of the Maygdi district and goes around Baglung and passes through the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve and continues on to Rukum and Rolpa districts (home village of the majority of the guerillas). The trek passes through more than 30 undisturbed villages with unique culture living with harmony for ages. This trekking route provides an opportunity to explore the villages and people completely untouched by the modern development. Diverse ethnicities like the Brahmins, Kshetris, Dalits, Gurungs, Magars, Newars and Thakuris enrich the route. You will be stunned with the changing culture and lifestyle from one ethnicity to the other from village to village. 

This region is blessed with a wide range of natural resources and biodiversity. Captivating waterfalls, rivers, caves and lakes like Kamala Daha (Lotus Lake), and Sun Daha and enchanting view the high Himalaya like Mt. Dhaulagiri to the north are some of its main attractions.

With a view to enabling our trekkers along this route to retrace the footsteps of the Maoist guerrillas and imagine how they hiked and fought the battle in such a hilly and challenging terrain, A1 Excursions Adventure presents the long awaited new trekking trail ‘ Guerrilla Trail’