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This tour runs around Kathmandu Valley visiting all the high points, you’ll have 360 degree views from hilltops that captures the greatest Himalayan peaks, you bike through pine forests and enjoy the Himalayan fresh air. You can bike till the Tibetan border and view the town on the other side of border.
The best way to see Nepal, it has long been said, is to walk. Nowadays, however, mountain biking is a serious alternative.

Despite Nepal’s Himalayan mystique, it’s not all steep: the Kathmandu Valley’s slopes are generally easy, and the Terai is just plain flat. The longer and more scenic routes do tend to require a high level of fitness, and there are monster ascents (and descents) for those who relish that sort of thing, but there are also plenty of relaxed village-to-village rambles and downhill rides. Mountain bikes are pretty much the only option: even major roads, where you could otherwise get away with a hybrid or robust tourer, have frequent potholes and damaged sections.

The itineraries here are grouped as being out of either Kathmandu or Pokhara, since those are the only places where you can rent a decent mountain bike. They also offer many of the best routes, as tour operators and bike-shop gurus are continually pioneering new off-road rides. On the downside, traffic is becoming a serious problem near cities. In the Kathmandu Valley, especially, what was once a pleasant ride may now be choked and frightening. It’s always best to seek the latest information locally from someone in the know.

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